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I have been training for over 20 years through circuit training, weight training, swimming, running, cycling and various sports including Rugby, Australian football, touch football, OzTag and other activities. This gives me a heap of experience and knowledge in fitness training.


I decided to become officially qualified and turn my passion for fitness into a fun and enjoyable fitness business. Kessey Kombat circuit training focuses on the latest fat burning and muscle toning techniques. A hard but enjoyable and varied class is carefully planned for each session.


Come along and try out my very affordable obligation free sessions, where the only commitment asked is the "commitment to yourself". Although, I may push you if it's apparent you can get more out of yourself, it's part of my job :) 


Making the change into fitness and a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be done all in one hit, infact it is nearly impossible to change everything at once. I heard a great movie quote regarding health and fitness... "Progress, not perfection"... so feel free to contact me anytime for advice and information about Kessey Kombat, catering to all fitness levels.


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