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Thanks for the great class today; despite the whinging I really enjoyed it.


You asked for brutal feedback, but honestly I don’t have anything bad to say. It was definitely hard but not out of reach. Your feedback on technique was helpful and easy to understand.  Most of the session was in the shade, which was good on a day like today. The location is good, in a pretty low traffic area so I didn’t feel too self-conscious. 
The session time is perfect for me, and will probably suit other people who have kids to manage before and after work. 





I’ve been doing the Kessey Kombat bootcamps twice a week since September and find them challenging and motivating. Brett is great and pushes you just enough to make sure you keep moving during the session and it's a fun way to get some exercise in during the day.


Since June I’ve lost 20kg with about 10 more to go and the bootcamps have been a major factor in keeping me on track to achieve my health, fitness and weight loss goals!





I have easily been able to do Kessey Kombat during my lunchtimes at work. It has been heaps of fun, and the variety has kept me challenged and motivated!


Brett pushes us just enough to be challenged, but not too much that I hate going! I learn new stuff all the time.





I was always that person who saw people doing lunch time boot camp and thought 'why would you do that, I can't think of anything worse'! Now I am one of them and I love it.


I have been doing Kessey Kombat for two months and I have lost over 37cm in the process. I used to have severe shoulder pain and could barely lift my arms above shoulder height, now I have no pain and full range of movement.


I would recommend anyone to come and give it a go.





Brett is the best! Our lunchtimes workouts are challenging yet fun. We do different exercises each day and I’m noticing a difference in my body straight away. I feel stronger, leaner and have more energy.





Brett, Kessey Kombat is great! Your sessions are fun, motivating and have a good amount of challenge and push. I’m not super athletic, so I really like that you tailor the activities.


I wasn’t really a lunchtime boot camp fan to start with but now I look forward to Kessey Kombat sessions to re-energise and keep fit during the week!”





From my perspective I feel I have become stronger and fitter. It has made me more confident and I uplifts my mood and productivity after the classes.